Hybrid Designer Front-end Developer

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Building things cooler than the other side of your pillow.

Front End Development

Web development is a constantly shifting territory. I am dedicated to writing beautiful code that performs with clarity and simplicity, while keeping abreast of the direction of development by following trends and emerging technologies.

UI & UX Design

With a design background, user experience drives my design and decision making process around development. I see the end goal of projects as crafting experiences and stories for people through beautiful, intuitive and functional design.

Experiments & Visualization

I am constantly seeking to develop myself by learning though doing. Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to experiment with new combinations of ideas and technology in order to open up new possibilities.


My Personal Icon Set for UI, over 70 and growing, free in font-face and svg, download from Github.

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The mobile companion application for Sunglass, allowing people to download, navigate, add annotations, photos and comments on 3d models. This application features a 3d gestural navigation from which one can pan, zoom, and orbit with the tap or drag of their finger.

White Arrows

Design for White Arrows Logo, first album and various merchandise.


Typeface based on Hans Haacke Installation.


A design protocol that allows one to move from analysis to deployment of unique and dynamic architectural proposals for a range of uses and sites simultaneously while dramatically compressing both the time and cost required for design and construction.


A design prototype that to be applied to a number of shopping centers slated for renovation/rebranding owned by a major Japanese retail chain. The scope of the prototype extended across shelving and interior design, wayfinding, branding and graphics proposals, product placement and corresponding marketing campaigns. Logo/Pattern concept by Asao Tokolo.

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If you have an enquiry regarding an exciting new project, or would like to discuss any future projects you may have in mind, feel free to drop me a mail. Equally, if you are just passing by and simply want to say hello.

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